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Peak Health Direct Primary Care

Low, Monthly Fee

A low monthly membership fee means regardless if you have a high deductible insurance plan, no insurance plan or are an employer looking to provide high quality healthcare at an affordable low monthly cost, we are here to help you.

In-person and video visits, same- or next- day appointments

Convenient video visits are available. We strive to offer scheduling for same or next day appointments. Note that physicals and InBody 970 scans need to be performed in office.

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Thorough Appointments

Because we don't charge per visit, we are not in a rush to see as many patients as we can in a given day. This results in more time focused on you, your goals and fostering a relationship so we can better serve you.

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Focus on YOUR health goals

With a functional medicine driven approach, we will take the time to learn more about your specific health goals and tailor our approach for your needs.

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Appointment Times

No more having to take time off work to see your provider. With appointment times during evenings and weekends, we can help you fit your appointments into your busy schedule.

Transparent pricing

If you need additional labs, pricing will be at or near cost and we strive to make our costs transparent and disclosed to you. 


Primary care + Holistic care packages

  1. Primary care provider (Acute and chronic disease management, functional medicine driven approach, screening services, prescriptions, annual physical exam etc.), InBody 970 scanner analysis.

  2. PCP + Dietitian coaching + InBody 970 scanner analysis.

  3. Dietitian coaching + InBody 970 scanner analysis.

  4. InBody 970 Body Composition Analysis Scan.

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At Peak Health DPC we believe in quality of life.

What we do believe: 

1. Quality of life means that you are able to physically, mentally and emotionally work toward your goals. 

2. We believe in the Patient-Provider relationship that is unique to you and not dictated by generic insurance constraints. 

3. We believe in preventive and proactive healthcare not just reactive medicine. 

What we DON'T believe:

1. That healthcare is a 7 minute visit to prescribe you a pill without ever listening to your goals. 

2. That healthcare is only useful after you've discovered a problem with your health. 


Whether you're just looking to get an idea of where your current health stands, you're an athlete that wants to perform at your best or you're struggling with a chronic disease, Peak Health DPC can offer you insight into your health and ways to optimize your body for whatever your goals may be. Come as you are and we are here to help.

Book a free consultation to learn more.

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We offer both monthly and yearly packages where patients pay for virtually an unlimited amount of visits per year with their PCP. You can now have great access to care to put your health first. See your medical provider weekly if needed.

Included in your membership will be a physical assessment, a basic yearly lab draw, an InBody 970 body composition scan analysis and up to weekly visits if needed with so much more. We also offer a plan to meet with a registered dietitian regularly so that you can have the knowledge needed for peak health.

If you need additional labs, pathology, etc. then we give them to you at or near cost. We strive to make pricing transparent so that you can make the best decisions for you and your family. We are able to offer you these services at or near cost due to working directly with the lab and not having insurance companies set our prices. Now that's direct care! 

Please note we are currently only accepting patients 18-64 years old.

We do not accept Medicare eligible patients at this time.

We do not prescribe controlled substances at this time.


Peak Health DPC is a low cost alternative to insurance driven healthcare. We offer medical services via a holistic approach to help you reach your goals for peak health.


Philosophy: At Peak Health DPC, we believe in taking the time to understand your goals and offer services to help you reach your Peak Health! We cut out the middleman (Insurance companies) and provide services directly to our patients and pass those savings on to you. No more long wait times, copays, rushed appointments or non personalized care. We offer a ‘patient first’ approach to health care that focuses on helping you live your best life!


It's not health insurance, it's healthcare.  


Vision: Our vision is to offer long term functional healthcare that meets the needs of our community and puts the focus back on the patient provider relationship, instead of billing, dealing with insurance companies and hidden fees.

What makes us different?


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