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I started Peak Health Direct Primary Care to spread the mission of improving health in our communities via a functional medicine driven holistic approach. We are dedicated to hearing about your goals and helping you achieve them. We strive for great outcomes so you can live the life you were meant to without the burdens of healthcare holding you back. 

-Time: We spend time with you. We actively listen to you and are passionate about educating you on your health and how to improve it. Because of our model, we do not use insurance thus, we are not constrained to people we have never met telling us how long our appointments have to be.

-Accessible: We know you work hard and live a busy life. We want to offer you healthcare that is convenient and easy for you to access. We offer odd hours for when you get off of work and make it so that you can easily get in touch with us. We even offer text messaging as a mode of communication. Additionally, we offer video visits when you can't find the time to get out of the house.

-Affordable and equitable: We make our prices a low monthly fee so you don't have to tough out an illness worrying about a copay or a random bill you'll receive at home. We strive to make our prices transparent to you. We even include your standard labs in the annual physical, complimentary to you. Additionally, if you need additional labs or pathology we give them to you at or near cost. We do our best to discuss this with you before you get the labs so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Our lab costs are typically SIGNIFICANTLY lower than a typical lab billing. We believe this makes healthcare affordable and equitable. Don't have health insurance? No problem, we don't use insurance and most typically save money by using a DPC model instead of typical insurance fee-for-service. 

-Technology: We offer a FREE monthly InBody 970 body composition scan as part of your membership at no extra cost to you. We do this so you can take full advantage of our technological offerings and track your progress while reaching your goals. The InBody 970 is a very consistent and reliable tool to help you track your body composition. Most athletes will be above the recommended BMI because a BMI is only taking your height and weight into consideration and not your muscle mass or fluid volume. The InBody 970 is the best from the InBody line of products and is a medical grade body composition scan. It can track your skeletal muscle mass breaking it down limb by limb including leg lean mass. Examine and track your fat loss by an abdominal obesity analysis via visceral fat area data. Know your Intracellular and extracellular water composition; so whether you're an athlete competing in a weight based tournament or are suffering from congestive heart failure, this data is key to helping you achieve your goals. Finally, obtain a comprehensive analysis of your basal metabolic rate so you can better understand how to plan your macronutrient and caloric needs to either build muscle, lose body fat or maintain your current build.

Peak Health DPC is bringing medicine back to what it was meant to be but with updated technology and a functional medicine driven approach, providing you easy access to primary care services and optimizing your health to reach your Peak Health. This is Peak Health Direct Primary Care.

-Peter Yu, Founder

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Founder and Nurse Practitioner

Peter Yu is a Nurse Practitioner (NP) that had spent over 8 years in healthcare, 6 years practicing, with 3 years in an underserved healthcare desert focusing on patients with Medicaid, then went on to work for a large company serving as a Center Medical Director providing care for patients with Medicare in another underserved area for 3+ years. Peter recently moved to Denver and founded Peak Health DPC. Over his years seeing patients, Peter no longer wants to see patients only when they are unwell, but wants to establish a relationship with his patients and work together to achieve their peak health.


Peter loves being active and has a passion for helping others reach their health and fitness goals. He particularly loves practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, doing anything outdoors and traveling to different places to experience the local culture and food! Peter has two dogs, Nahla and Penny!

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Becca Kirian is a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Masters in Food and Nutrition and board Certified Nutrition Support Clinician. As a RD Becca uses proven science and evidenced based practice to help guide patients toward their health goals in a realistic approach. This means no crash diets, fad diets or expensive unnecessary supplements, but instead use of proven research, patient education, individualized adjustments for each patient, and continued support throughout. 


Becca is passionate about nutrition and the way it can impact us all, she enjoys working with clients of all backgrounds, but does have a special interest in working with athletes to maximize their performance nutrition. She herself enjoys being very active, in her spare time she loves to be on the mats training jiu jitsu, being in the alpine hiking mountains, lifting weights and spending time in the kitchen baking bread and brewing kombucha. 


Victoria Dardov, PhD

Lifestyle Coach

Victoria Dardov received a PhD in Biomedical Sciences in 2019, with emphasis on neurodegenerative disease studies. She is passionate about distilling large data sets into understandable bits of information and is passionate about evidence based approaches to improving health and performance. 

Victoria enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, hiking, traveling, cooking and cuddling with her two cats, named Pika and Stella. 

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